Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My wife was crying today. There's really not much I can say, except that we need to stay positive and keep moving toward in terms of trying to pay off our debt. The one thing we MUST do, if nothing else, is to STOP TAKING ON MORE DEBT. It can not be emphasized enough. There is no party more guilty than the other one here. What makes all this especially painful right now is that I am trying to start a better-paying job (I have a low-paying job starting on March 8th) and she is trying to stay together mentally, so to speak, through her pregnancy. Folks, we're due with our first child in 10 weeks! Unbelievable! Really, I could *not* be happier, but man oh man, this is the most stressful time in my life. And, it shouldn't be. If we had managed our money better, and had not taken on more debt (which renders people incapable of managing their money), things would look so rosy right now. Nevertheless, we're going to be living really poor for awhile. No other way to go about it :-)